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Best Sweaters For Women’s Buying Guide 2020

Sweaters For Women’s

Here, we akin to think of ourselves as crazy (Sweaters For Women’s) about the stuff we buy, but as great as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we locate the best-reviewed products and single out the mainly convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating scheme and how we pick each item here.)And while we’ve written about lots of sweaters before — including horrible Christmas sweaters, cashmere sweaters to gift, and men’s sweaters — here, we’ve rounded up the best Sweaters For Women’s, as praised by the most excited reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated sweater for women

1. V28 Women Polo Neck Knit Stretchable Long Sleeve Slim Sweater

Almost one-third of all reviewers call these sweaters for Women’s “warm,” including one who calls it “thick and warm without being chunky, and body awareness without being too tight.” Another reviewer says she “can bear it to work, to a birthday party, and even on date night with the hubby.” That adaptability inspired her to buy more. Lots more.

v28 Women Polo Neck Knit Stretchable Long Sleeve Slim Sweater

“I factually have every color in my cart,” she says. “This sweater is the bee’s knees,” comments another, soon after climbing out of a time machine. She is impressed that it really “goes below my bum. Since I’m tall that’s kind of wonder.” Many more customers joined her in commenting on the length, which roughly 200 people call “perfect.” One customer even proposes some styling tips: “Love it over flannel-lined leggings in colder weather with my Doc Marten boots.” People also note the excellence, despite the low price. Along with one reviewer, “I was expecting something thin with lots of movable threads, or something bulky and scratchy, but this is thick and smooth and so incredibly soft.”

2. Sidefeel Women Hooded Knit Cardigans

This heavyweight cardigan is crowd beloved, thanks to its super-soft lining. One reviewer “absolutely, clearly loves this sweater,” calling it “probably the best piece of clothing” she’s ever bought. And not just on Amazon.

Sidefeel Women Hooded Knit Cardigans

“All in all, I think this might be the best sweaters for Women’s I own. And that includes $200 sweaters from Nordstrom.” one more describes the lining as “fuzzy goodness,” saying it’s similar to “having your choice blanket about you.” People liked the fit, too. “It is a longer length so it covers the tush. It is not baggy but it also is not hugging each love handle and creasing into every one of my creases,” says one. Another, although owning the sweater for only 20 minutes, is already confident enough to call it “damn good” before sneaking in the compulsory Game of Thrones reference: “Winter is coming. arrange yourselves.”

  1. Amazon Essentials Women’s Lightweight V-Neck Sweater

According to reviewers, it can be quite tricky to find a plain, well-fitting V-neck jumper. “Thank you, Amazon,” one person writes. “These sweaters for Women’s fits perfectly wears well during the day, is machine washable and CAN be dried in the dryer.”

Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight V-Neck Sweater

She bought four more. one more, who was trying to replace a discontinued beloved from LandsEnd, was quite satisfied with this. “The fabric is attractive lightweight but will be nice above a blouse or tee for mild California winters,” she says. One reviewer warns that buyers shouldn’t wait. These sweaters apparently “disappeared for a little,” which caused her to “panic,” but now that they’re back, she’s stocking up and advocates others to do the same.

4. Amazon Essentials Women’s Lightweight V-Neck Tunic Sweater

It’s closely the same as the V-neck above, only longer, which many reviewers prefer. “I always like my tops to fit under the waist and this tunic fits ideal,” explains one reviewer who ordered one, “then quickly order two more” once she realized one was just not sufficient. Another reviewer described the fit this way:

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“The length strikes the top of the hip perfectly giving a nice silhouette but not long sufficient to add bulk if you wanted to tuck it in.” The lightweight material lets you style these sweaters for Women’s however you want, according to another buyer. “Yes to being tucked into jeans, yes to being damaged over a collared shirt, yes to going under a blazer,” she says. “at last the perfect sweater that can easily be transitioned.”

5. Amazon Essentials Women’s Lightweight Crewneck Sweater

Both fashionable and practical customers agree on these simple, highly useful sweaters for Women. One self-described “plain sweater type” likes that this sweater is “not bulky or chunky, it’s really pretty lightweight, but it still keeps me warm.”

Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight Crewneck Sweater

Another reviewer just required something stylish. “This is a typical, go-anywhere sweater for Women’s that can be dressed up and worn with a skirt, or dressed down and worn with a relaxing pair of jeans,” she says. Many reviewers compare this sweater to options from brands like J.Crew and Banana Republic.

6. Asvivid Women’s Chunky Button Turtle Cowl Neck Asymmetric Hem Wrap Pullover Sweater

One reviewer fell in adore with “the look of the texture and that cowl-neck.” She had bought a similar but much more costly sweater and thinks “this lays much better.”

Asvivid Womens Button Turtle Cowl Neck Asymmetric Hem Wrap Pullover Sweater Tops

one more reviewer calls this her “magic sweater” for travel since “it’s just the right weight. When it gets chilly with the airplane air blowing down on you, you can unfurl the cowl and pop it up over your skull to cover your neck and ears.” Plus, out of all the sweaters for Women’s she owns, she has “received more praises” on this one. “I had a random stranger prevent me in an airport to tell me how to put together I looked (ha!),” she writes.

7.PattyBoutik Women Crewneck Striped Military Sweater

We freshly did a deep dive into the history of stripes and posted some of our beloved striped sweaters for Women’s. If you’re looking to get in on the trend, this is an excellent sweater to start with. “It’s feminine, and the stripes are so flattering,” says one reviewer who plans to purchase two more.

PattyBoutik Women Crewneck Striped Military Sweater

“The buttons are eye-catching (not in a garish way) and compliment the stripes,” says another. What she likes about the sweater, though, is the quality. “The fabric is thick enough to keep me warm on a chilly evening without a jacket,” says. Another person highlights the cut. “This brand does a great job flattering the figure,” she says. ”Wearing this sweater previous night out with my husband, he frequently complimented me. I cannot say enough about how fabulous this sweater is.”
JENNIE LIU Women’s 100% Pure Cashmere Long Sleeve Pullover V Neck Sweater

A third of all five-star reviewers reveal how soft this sweater is. One reviewer, who has “been wearing cashmere for 40 years,” is “SHOCKED at how much they give you for this cost.” She has owned much more costly cashmere sweaters in the past, but this one is “very suddenly high quality for this cost.” Another possesses two of these and plans “to purchase in other colors.” She describes the sweater as “very flexible and super comfortable. It’s ideal for chilly weather if I want to stay warm.”]

8. V28 Women’s Korean Design Turtle Cowl Neck Ribbed Cable Knit Long Sweater Jumper

One reviewer calls this sweater “perfect,” particularly at this price point. Another describes the material as a “very nice, thick knit on the heavy side.

v28 Women's Korean Design Turtle Cowl Neck Ribbed Cable Knit Long Sweater Jumper

It’s a nice, warm reasonable sweater in a hard to find neckline that does not look inexpensive. Period.” It holds its shape well, too. Along with one review, “after being washed several times, the cowl-neck still hangs wonderfully and it hasn’t shrunk.” Another refreshing how much money she saved buying this sweater over one from a designer brand. She admits that it “absolutely doesn’t feel as luxurious, but you can’t tell from the look. If you’re in search of basic super reasonable sweaters for Women’s, this is it.”

9. Lovers Women’s Boho Open Front Cardigan

One “collector and devotee of all things cardigans,” whose credentials include having a “closet full of them from thin to great chunky, thick ones for winter,” says this sweaters for Women’s is “ideal for fall weather, early spring, and light winter days.


Lovaru Womens Boho Open Front Cardigan Colorblock Long Sleeve Loose Knit Lightweight Sweaters

It’s not too broad but it’s thick enough to keep you warm on a cold day.” Another reviewer, whose closet-cardigan tally wasn’t mentioned, thinks “this is going to be a wardrobe clip for me,” explaining, “It’s not wonderful heavy or super light. It’s pretty long as well, and I seem forward to wearing it with a pair of leggings and a shirt as healthy as a dress.”

10. A stylish Women Open Front Long Sleeve Chunky Knit Cardigan

This open-front cardigan stood out to reviewers seeming to be a bit trendier with their fall wardrobe. After having exhausted “hours searching for the ideal sweater,” one reviewer is convinced this is it.

Astylish Women Open Front Long Sleeve Chunky Knit Cardigan Sweaters Loose Outwear Coat S-XXL

“This cardigan is temperate and cozy, very stylish and fits perfect,” she says. “I akin to the warmth and old-school grandma knit sweater look it has,” says another reviewer. Along with one woman, this sweaters for Women’s “looks handmade. The weave is loose; it repeats me of the Irish sweaters that my aunt used to carry me back from her trips there.” Another reviewer calls this a “wonderful great buy. The fabric of this sweater has a nice, costly feel,” she says.

11. NENA Women’s V-Neck Button Down Knitwear

“I’m VERY fussy about sweaters for Women’s and how they fit,” prefaces one reviewer. This sweater, she says, “is flattering for my complete figure, it is soft, warm, the color is very rich, and the snap buttons are stylish.”

NENONA Women's V-Neck Button Down Knitwear Long Sleeve Soft Basic Knit Cardigan Sweater

Many more reviewers were amazed by those buttons. A few thought they’d look inexpensive. They’re snap buttons after all. But still, reviewers were dazed. One “cardigan junkie,” says “the buttons add some weight and flare, which I love.” She plans to buy more since “it’s possibly one of the well-made cardigans I’ve ever owned.”

12.Mellifluous Cardigan Poncho Cape

One reviewer, who owns multiple cardigan-poncho-cape hybrids, calls this “the finest cardigan poncho I ever purchased.” The only thing she appears to have more of than ponchos is friends: “30 friends complimented how gorgeous my new poncho is, and it made me feel so wonderful.”

Women's Shawl Wrap Poncho Ruana Cape Cardigan Sweater Open Front for Fall Winter

She’s not the merely one who has a wardrobe full of this style. Another reviewer owns “about 14,” since they’re “perfect for cooler Texas winters.” This testing poncho “has to be the softest I own,” she says. Regular reviewers cite this softness. One describes it as “soft like cashmere.” Another thinks it’s a “very analogous wear to Burberry capes,” saying that the sweaters for Women’s “senses good to wrap around yourself. Experiences like a giant pashmina scarf.”

Top Questions

What materials are used to make sweaters?
Answer: Here are some of the generally popular materials for sweaters:

• Cotton – cool and lightweight. Perfect for spring and summer.
• Sheep wool – soft and warm, huge for winter. Includes Merino, Shetland, and lambswool.
• Cashmere – luxurious, flexible, warm, dainty and lightweight. Expensive but worth the splurge.
• Linen – breathable and lightweight. Perfect for warm weather.
• Silk – soft, durable and able to retaining heat.
• Blends – blends are used to create sweaters that are temperate and heavy or light and cool. Instances include silk/wool blends and cotton/linen.
How do you wash sweaters?

Answer: since sweaters are made from often delicate material, it is best that you handwash them in its place. Fill a sink or bucket with cool water and sprinkle a few drops of gentle detergent on the water. Mix the water and detergent well then submerge the sweater. Let it soak for around half an hour. Wash the sweater well with cool water.

Dry the item by squeezing the entire moisture out of it. Do not wring the sweater up. Spin it like you would a sleeping bag or towel to get all that water out. Lay the sweater flat on a spotless towel or drying rack to dry.

Sweaters completed from silk, cotton, and cashmere, in general, require a wash after 2-3 weeks as ones made from polyester or wool can withstand 5 wears. Previous to cleaning your sweater, always check label directions on how to wash the item. Rider the label says to dry-clean only, then you require having that sweater dry-cleaned only.


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