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The 10 Best Workout Leggings For Women Buying Guide 2020

Workout Leggings

We’re distant from the days of just tossing on any old shorts and t-shirt to wear to work out.
Leggings are both relaxing and look great, which is a huge reason for their unbelievable popularity. Though, not every legging is made the same. What you require is a pair of one of the best workout leggings for women. We’ve found the ones that will remain you dry, feeling unrestrained, and looking great.
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1. ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants

Would you like to be cozy, have an instantly flatter tummy, and feel secure? Then check out the ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pants.
They come in a huge diversity of unique and trendy colors, as well as two different styles: Capri or full-length. That means you can choose what works best for your tastes.

ODODOS Out Pocket High Waist Yoga Pants,Tummy Control,Pocket Workout Yoga Pant
They also come in 6 sizes, which fit most buyers out there. So, they look great, but how do they feel?
The 4-way stretch fabric will confirm you can be nice and flexible without feeling reserved, like so many workout leggings impose on the wearer. This makes them perfect for just about any workout you plan on conquering.
As far as looks go, we liked the high waist design with a tummy control panel that directly flattens and “sucks” it in.
We also know that it’s thorny to find the perfect balance between tightness, but not so much that you can notice through the fabric. The no see-through fabric on the ODODOS will make that concern a thing of the past.
While we doubt this will be the condition, but if you’re in any way displeased with your leggings, they are covered by their 100% full money-back guarantee and our Editor’s selection for the best workout pants for women!

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants at a Glance:
* Fabric: Polyester/Spandex/Nylon
* Colors & Styles: 20+ colors, Capri / Full-Length
* Sizes: 6
* Pockets: 2 outside pockets
* Stitching: Flatlock


2. Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants at a Glance:

Are you in search of one of the best workout leggings for women but don’t desire to spend a fortune?
If you’re shopping on a budget but don’t want to cooperate quality, then the Oalka Women’s Workout Leggings may be the ideal pair for you.

Oalka Women Yoga Pants Workout Running Leggings-
Coming in almost 20 interesting colors, you’re bound to locate the one that compliments your character or wardrobe seamlessly.
Speaking of seams, we appreciated the flatlock stitching which makes sure it doesn’t chafe or infuriate your skin. The gusseted crotch may not seem like a great deal, but it assists maximize free movement so you don’t feel packed into the leggings.

Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants
The elastic waistband, much like the earlier product, aims for comfort while also providing a bit of tummy control. Another resemblance between this model and the last is the 4-way stretch material.
We did find this pair was more moisture-wicking, though, which we of course liked. It left us dryer and more comfortable, even after intense workouts. If you’re in any way displeased, they also provide a generous complete money-back guarantee.

Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants at a Glance:
* Fabric: Nylon, Spandex
* Colors & Styles: 19 colors, Full-Length
* Sizes: 6
* Pockets: 1 Hidden Inner Pocket
* Stitching: Flatlock


3. Nike Women’s Pro Cool Training Tights

Nike is certainly one of the most respected sportswear brands in the world, so it’s no shock their women’s Pro Cool Training Tights are on our list of the best sporty leggings.
Sported by pro athletes, Instagram stars, and standard gymgoers alike, there’s much to be said for this model. Primary off, let’s talk about looks.

Nike Women's Pro Cool Tights
These are sleek and fresh-looking with a silky-smooth body and mesh panels on the calves which not only add slightly of dynamic design but added breathability.
This exacting model only comes in black and dark grey, but they go well with presently about anything. The fabric is their signature “Dri-FIT”, which is just a polyester/spandex blend.

Nike Women's Pro Cool Training Tights
The fabric works well to absorb sweat, as also remaining lightweight and quick to dry.
While the fit overall was nice and solid, though remaining stretchy, it was slightly tighter than we would have preferred. In regards to the waistband, we appreciated this snugness, as it holds everything together without being over-compressive.
They are a bit more costly than many of the options on our guide, they’re also one of the toughest and well-constructed. We felt like for what you get, they’re well worth the more bit of cash.

Nike Women’s Pro Cool Training Tights at a Glance:
* Fabric: Polyester Blend
* Colors & Styles: 2 colors, Full-Length
* Sizes: 5
* Pockets: None
* Stitching: Flatlock


4. Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants

The Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants not merely look great, but feel wonderful, too. There aren’t a ton of color options obtainable, but the ones that they do have are beautiful.
They come in many jewel tones, as well as your typical grey and black. Made of polyester and polyurethane, they’re made to last during countless workouts.
The strong composition also makes them huge for use in your day-to-day life, like climbing or going grocery shopping.

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants, Pocket Yoga Pants Tummy Control Workout Running 4 Way Stretch Yoga Leggings
The interlock seams work to ensure they stretch well, but still, remain sturdy enough to remain you streamlined with a snug fit. Thanks to their compression technology, you’ll get better blood circulation, which also assists speed up muscle recovery.
We know you’re wondering; yes, it will at rest leave something up to the imagination.
Despite being so durable, the leggings are extremely lightweight and the best high waisted workout leggings on our list. This makes them huge to use in any season or environment, as they both soak up sweat while being super rapid to dry.

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants
So you don’t have to carry a wallet or purse along, they’ve provided you with two dissimilar pockets. One is a little hidden pocket to keep small items like a key or cash, as the other is an outside pocket that can simply accommodate smartphones, cards, and IDs.

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants at a Glance:
* Fabric: Polyester, Polyurethane
* Colors & Styles: 15 colors, Full-Length
* Sizes: 5
* Pockets: 1 Hidden Inner, 1 Outer
* Stitching: Interlock


5. Lululemon Wunder Under Pant III Full-On Luon Yoga Pants

Lululemon is quite probably the most well-known brand for making the best workout tights, and mainly just workout tights. Their Wunder Under Pant III is one of our delicate favorites.
It doesn’t have as many color alternatives as some of the other brands, but due to the amazing fit and soothe level; we felt this wasn’t as important. As well, certain colors are reversible, so it’s kind of a 2-in-1 kind of contract.
What are they made out of?

Lululemon Wunder Under Pant III Full On Luon Yoga Pants
The great-soft Full-On Luon fabric is the main material here. It works to offer you support and structure. They’re rather tight, but astonishingly stretchy once you start moving around.
Some may not like the “second-skin” fit, but we felt they were ideal for checking to confirm you have proper form while working out. The sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric holds its shape fairly well, and yours, too. However, the soft waistband will ensure there are no bulges or bumps where you don’t desire them.
While they are one of the best women’s leggings for the gym, they translate completely to casualwear to happy hour or even a night out.
You can even stay your valuables in the waistband pocket instead of carrying a reward with you the entire time!

Lululemon Wunder Under Pant III at a Glance:
* Fabric: Polyester, Lycra, Spandex
* Colors & Styles: 6 colors, Full-Length
* Sizes: 6
* Pockets: 1 Waistband
* Stitching: Interlock


6. Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Armour Capris

If you’ve been concerned at all in athletic activity before, then we assurance you’ve heard of Under Armour.
Another beloved among pro athletes, they’re known for their supreme quality as remaining stylish and ultra-comfortable. While they make many of the best fitness leggings that we love, we had to decide just one, and their HeatGear Capris can’t be beaten.

Under Armour Women's HeatGear Armour Capri
If you’re going to be outdoors, then we extremely recommend using this pair of workout capris.
The fabric is made of 100% waterproof Pertex, which is huge if you’re going to be in the rain or by chance spilling water on yourself as you take a drink.
Although being waterproof, they’re very breathable and lightweight, so you feel like you’re free as running or lifting weights.

Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Armour Capris
The 2.5-layer bonded fabric is smooth yet unbelievable durable. These are made to take a beating; so much so, that you’ll possibly have these for years to come if you were luxury them right. The windproof construction keeps you secure from the blistering cold days, too.
If you desire to take them with you on a trip or just want to pack them into your gym bag, you’ll realize the fact that they pack simply into the included pocket for fast and convenient storage.

Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Capris at a Glance:
* Fabric: Polyester/Elastane
* Colors & Styles: 3 colors, Capri
* Sizes: 6
* Pockets: None
* Stitching: Interlock


7. IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets


As these leggings are designed by yogis, for yogis, we found them to be an outstanding budget option no matter what kind of exercise you’re participating in.
The design comes in 14 unique colors, with bottomless reds, light blues, various greys, and more. No matter which color we certain, we were surprised that they were never working out.

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets
These are made to be just as greatly activewear, as you’re everyday athleisure. They aim to merge trendiness with sportiness, and they do it well.
Our first feeling, was wow, these are comfortable. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that they were possibly the most comfortable pair we tried on out of the dozens.
The fabric is nice and soft, with a four-way elongate that gives simultaneous density and support. The gusset crotch allows for more freedom of group, and the waistband was wide and high.

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets
This provided brilliant tummy control, and as it had a hidden pocket, was easy to remain valuables close by.
The moisture-wicking material confirmed to fare well in the indoors and outdoors, while the interlock closures made sure that chafing wouldn’t happen with these. We also found an additional pocket to simply store a smartphone or ID.
If you seem for some of the best gym leggings at a bargain price, look no further!

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets at a Glance:
* Fabric: Polyester/Elastane
* Colors & Styles: 14 colors, Full-Length
* Sizes: 6
* Pockets: 1 Inner, 2 Outer
* Stitching: Interlock


8.Lululemon High Times Pants


Flexible and lightweight, like a second skin, is how I would explain the Nulu fabric used to make these High Times movements pants.

Lululemon High Times Pant Full On Luon Yoga Pants
They are high waisted and propose just a bit of compression so you will always be comfy, instead of tugging the waistband up or feeling it roll down.

Lululemon High Times Pants at a Glance:

* Sweat-wicking 4-way stretch great soft and light Nulu fabric.
* High waist – stays put.
* Internal waistband pocket for a key or cash stash.


9. 90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Leggings

The budget-friendly and broadly popular 90 Degree brand makes these bestselling high waisted leggings that all women should make part of her workout wardrobe.

90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Leggings
They have good density and tummy control and act as a two-in-one body shaper and gym pant in one.
You’re going to love the way they create your look!

90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Leggings at a Glance:

* Tummy destruction technology – shapes your tummy, thighs, and bum.
* Great price.
* Not at all see-thru.


10. Nike Women’s Pro Cool Training Tights

Nike Pro cool leggings are huge whether you choose the sweltering Hot Yoga class or decide to work out on in a packed crowded gym, these lady’s gym tights will assist you to keep your cool.

Nike Women's Pro Cool Training Tights
They integrate sweat-wicking, heat-dissipating technology that hugs your curves and stays up, so you are not continually adjusting.

Nike Women’s Pro Cool Training Tights at a Glance:

* Long inseam – excellent for tall ladies.
* NOT see-thru, even when you bend.
* DriFit technology remains you dry and cool.


How to pick the Best Women’s Workout Leggings – Buying Guide

Now that you could learn a bit about each of the best workout leggings on Amazon today, have you chosen on which ones are ideal for you? If you’re still on-the-fence, not to be anxious! We’ve gone ahead and come up with the user-welcoming buying guide below to make sure you know just the ones to get.


What type of fabric will your new leggings be included of? This is a pretty big deal, as they can influence the level of comfort, the fit, and the compression. Okay, they essentially affect everything. The longevity of your leggings is primarily based on the fabric used, and how well the closures are holding it together.


Cotton is, of course, soft and comparatively breathable, although not the best in that regard. The genuine downside with cotton is that it tends to extend out just after a few uses. It also doesn’t keep brighter colors as well.

Nylon or Spandex

This fabric is more accepted, as they’re both great at retaining their original shape, and are great for wicking damp away from the body. They also dry quite rapidly and are typically machine-washable. The “con” here is that body odors seem to be improved with synthetic fibers such as these two.

As with everything, it’s vital to just read the instructions on the tag of your leggings before you apply them and wash them. If you tend to sweat a lot, then you’re going to require washing them more frequently. Make sure that you can throw them in the wash if you don’t desire to wash them by hand.


A huge reason why we adore workout leggings, even in non-workout settings, is because of how they create us look. They can compress and support our lower half, making us seem more streamlined and even just feel better! They can even help speed up the revival process due to the increased circulation they provide.

Remember that (usually) the more compressive the material is, the more costly it’s going to be. They will also hold their shape easier and usually be more durable, so it’s worth shelling out a few extra bucks for these.


Feel about what you’ll be using your leggings for. If you’re going to be using them for presently about everything under the sun, then get something tauter that’s going to last you longer. The tighter fits typically mean they’re not going to lose their shape easily.
Rider you’re going to be using them to lift weights, climbing, running or any other movement where freedom of movement is necessary, you may want to go with something a bit looser.


Is color important? Yes! Of course!

You want something that suits your qualities, and that goes along well with the rest of your workout cupboard.
As well, if you’re going to be selecting a lighter color, you require to know that the fabric isn’t going to be seen throughout. This is a common issue with lighter and tighter fabrics. The higher excellence ones are never going to be see-through, no substance which color you select.
Also, think about how well the color will hold. Blacks are noticeably not going to be much of an issue, nor will other darker colors.


When you’re working out, you possibly don’t want to feel suffocated. You desire something that’s going to let the sweat and moisture be absorbed and escape.

You wish for a fabric that’s going to remain lightweight regardless of the moisture it carries, and you desire there to be some kind of moisture-wicking going on so it’s transported absent from your skin. No one likes that slick, humid feeling when they’re trying to apply!

Tummy Control

If you have a completely flat stomach, then you can just skip over this. The rest of the 99% of the population would like to stay on reading.
If you’re looking for tummy control, then look for out one of the models on our guide that have an offered waistband for it. These are usually wide and slightly thicker than the rest of the leggings. These will hold the stomach in and offer a bit of support.


How many things are you planning on carrying among you? Perhaps you just want to bring the necessaries but don’t like leaving them alone in the lockers, or don’t desire to bring along a bag just for a few things.
If that’s the case, then confirm your leggings have a little pocket for things like keys, cards, cash, and maybe a further hair tie. If you want a pocket to clutch a smartphone for listening to music or answering messages, then you’ll desire a bigger exterior pocket.

Final Thoughts

Thus, which one of the best women’s workout leggings will you be sporting through your next workout? We hope that our guide has helped you find the ideal pair for you. Thanks for tuning in, and we expect to see you again shortly!


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