10 Best Stunt Scooters Buying Guide

Best Stunt Scooters

Finding and selecting the best stunt scooters for you isn’t an easy job especially after you think about the number of various styles of bars decks brands and weight offered within the market. There are several wonderful products out there that are thought of the best. whereas on the best stunt scooters is that the high selection for one stunt rider it should not be an honest selection for an additional. it depends on riding vogue experience budget there are some different concerns.

A demand of the best stunt scooters is that it ought to have a 360-degree swivel neck. This permits for glorious jumps and turns and this one is appropriately equipped. it additionally incorporates a bolstered plate on the face of the deck that is nice for slides. the stunts you ‘ll pull with this terribly reasonable very little scooter are pretty comprehensive. it’s a heel brake for else performance and talent and is extremely well created, therefore we have a tendency to suggest you add it to your range.

1. Phoenix pilot professional scooter

If you are a beginner or intermediate riders and want to perform tricks and stunts to see yourself to the next level, this Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter will be the fittest and the right choice for you. This is one of the Best Stunt Scooter to advance you to the next fabulous step. Perfect for the riders of up to 5.5ft tall. It is designed for both sexes. The product is constructed and designed for long-lasting, heavy-duty, strong which is weighing 9.0 lbs. less than average because of building with this material. It is comfortable for the users of aging from 3 to 14 years. Requires less than 5-minute assembly, so you can start riding right away.

Phoenix-Pilot-Pro-ScooterCheck Price On Amazon

Phoenix professional scooters have continuously been at the forefront of product advancement for the best stunt scooters scene. phoenix believes its a lot of necessary than ever to deliver the identical top quality product to the following generation of riders. the sturdy construction and lightweight style of the Phoenix pilot are that the excellent combination for the developing rider permitting them to up their game and master an array of professional scooter tricks.
Phoenix professional scooters are exclusively targeted on development for scooter riders everyplace. the abundant improved and lightweight build of the Phoenix pilot professional scooter was quite clearly the aim of Phoenix during this model. with an elongated deck, the Phoenix pilot is well balanced for finishing your favorite tricks.

This 22 inches tall, 20 inch wide T-style bars are firm and stable in shape for growing riders and are completely upgradeable. Decorated with a 4.25″ wide and 19″ long, the Phoenix Pilot is excellently proportionate for shuffling out tail whips.

Why we like it

• Phoenix pilot professional scooter is appropriate for many riders from beginner levels to experienced levels. if you researching for a beginner professional scooter on a budget the Phoenix pilot can be the one for you.
• Professional scooters do not have the same functionality as standard scooters.
• Much better than standard scooters.
• As made from sturdier material to bear the force it impacts of speed riding and jumping.
• Provided with the latest technology that everyone is satisfied with it.

• Glorious worth for cash and solid build quality the lucky prospect can keep you riding for years to return.
• The burden of this dasher is pretty lightweight to be precise that makes the handling of it quite simple. an awfully lightweight weight, however, a well-built freestyle professional scooter that permits you to hold out your extreme tricks with the utmost of ease.

2. Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter

Thinking to buy a freestyle scooter, then Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter is perfect for you. This scooter is better than any other scooters because of its smoothness. TFOX delivers exactly what expert riders need to push the limits. TFOX Sig Pro Scooter pairing the legendary Prospect deck with Lucky’s best parts. Lucky scooters are designed to withstand the earliest tricks. It is designed greatly with quality wheels. It’s very Easy to assemble. If you compeer with others, you will find the difference.

Lucky-TFOX-Sig-Pro-Complete-Freestyle-ScooterCheck Price On Amazon

TFOX Sig Pro Scooter is very solid and strong. It has 110mm Lucky Lunar hollow core freely moving wheels. The high-quality material is used to make it. We used aircraft-grade aluminum and the other choice alloys in their decks, hardware, bars, and bearings. But also it is very lightweight. Tool-less compression system, features triple clamp, steely brake, vice grips are made from the ultra-strong material. Just by looking at the construction of this scooter, you can tell it was built to withstand abuse. It also has 82.5-degree head tube angle. It looks very nice and runs very Smooth because of its freewheel. The user has been able to perform amazing stunts with it.

Why people like it:

• Well designed and comfortable.
• Gives a good grip while using.
• smoother, sturdier, and safer.
• Solid break and freely moving wheels.
• Lightweight (just 7.9 pounds).
• 82.5-degree head tube angle.
• Built to withstand abuse.
• 180-Day Warranty.

3. Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

If you are thinking to buy the best stunt scooters. Then you are in the right place. The “Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Scooter” has an amazing construction with a great look. The type of fit and finish that screams quality over quantity. Extremely solid, zero rattles, noise-free while riding.
Pro Stunt Scooter is for high quality, durability, coolest looking and made to withstand any rider level and weight. It is designed greatly with quality wheels. The wheels are faster and the deck is very strong. The ride is so smooth and really easy for the user to do tricks with it. It is made by using aircraft-grade aluminum and the other choice alloys in their decks, hardware, bars, and bearings, so Undoubtedly it is very strong and comfortable.

Lucky-Prospect-Complete-Pro-Stunt-ScooterCheck Price On Amazon

It is built to withstand abuse. It Sig Pro Scooter pairing the legendary Prospect deck with Lucky’s best parts. It is also very sturdier and safer scooter than the cheaper one. Tool-less compression system, features triple clamp, steely brake, vice grips are made from the ultra-strong material.
It’s very Easy to assemble and riding on it. It is very lightweight but made with strong materials. This scooter is better than any other scooters because of its smoothness and freely moving wheels. It has a Solid break and well grip. It is designed to withstand the earliest tricks. Pro Stunt Scooter delivers exactly what expert riders need to push the limits.

Why people like it:

• Extremely solid and noise free.
• Well designed and comfortable.
• Gives a good grip while using.
• Built to withstand abuse.
• Solid and strong.
• Hard break.
• 6-month Warranty.

4. District C050 Pro Scooter

If you are looking for a beginner pro best stunt scooters on a budget, the District C050 Pro Scooter might be the one for you. The District C050 Pro Scooter is the perfect Pro Scooter for someone who’s getting into the sport. This scooter is specially designed for riders with intermediate or advanced levels. This is suitable for most riders, from beginner levels to experienced levels. This is a really great scooter, everything tightened up and dialed in really easy. This is a great quality item and also very superior. Stylish and extremely light but very strong and well built. Very smooth scooter, seems very solid, steel flex and good quality.


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This is much improved and lightweight scooter. It is pretty strong, solid build quality and lightweight at the same time. This is made by the best quality material. The breaks are very flexible and hard enough. The scooter is comprised of a strong handlebar with rubber grips for added comfort. versatile and can deal with all obstacles both in the street or in the skate park. The District C050 Pro Scooter is the best choice for you. When you started using it you will feel the difference. This scooter is better than any other scooters because of its smoothness and freely moving wheels.

Why people like it:

• Good for Beginners.
• Certified aluminum is used.
• Lightweight Just 6.7 lbs.
• Very strong and smooth.
• Steel flex brake.
• Head tube Angle – 81 degrees.
• District 135mm TPR Grips.
• Freely moving wheels.

5. VOKUL X1 Complete professional Scooter

Vokul is an excellent whole with regards to the ride manufacturing. There are several of such brands that make high-quality dashers nevertheless Vokul is seemingly actually outstanding if not the most effective that you simply can discover. The Vokul X1 Complete professional bike is very meant for riders with halfway or propelled levels. there’s a triple jolt clasp that provides most extreme live of security and responsibleness. At the very best purpose of the deck, the surface may be a non-slip one up the hold of the feet.

VOKUL-X1-Complete-Pro-Scooter-for-Inter-and-Advanced-RiderCheck Price On Amazon

Meta-X1 genius bike bar made from end airplane Al with the T4T6 heat treatment that brings lighter but additional toughness feeling once do any traps than 4130 Chromoly bar. Vokul Meta X1 bike as is extraordinary compared to alternative free-form genius bike within the market with the large design. it’s arranged for real riders that require ride it to accomplish most requesting traps. what is additional, fledglings will ride it from the section level upgrade to the ace level.
This bike, from Vokul, is meant to be a top-quality section level model which will suit amateurs, associate degreed this is often shown within the structure itself in addition as in what’s an exceptionally wise price. This bike is gone for nearly everyone. it’s same to be helpful for riders of seven years and up, nevertheless features a bar tallness of 24.2 inches thus even considerably taller children may ride this with no uneasiness. The 120mm wheels actually change you to urge up to some genuinely high speeds and therefore the typically light-weight casing can offer you no problems whereas experimenting with varied tricks and bounces.

Why individuals like it:

• Comes with Vokul written grip tape for higher traction of the feet.
• Best beginner professional scooter with a stable and secure style.
• Bottom of the deck options a treated sleek surface for the most effective grinding.
• Designed with quality material that promotes sturdiness.
• Versatile and high performing arts scooter.

6. Phoenix Sequel professional Scooter

Phoenix professional Scooters makes no bargains and keeps on pushing the cutoff points of what’s conceivable with arranging and building. The Phoenix professional scooters sequel complete is huge and meant for the accomplished rider hoping to travel up against the best slopes, greatest rails, and greatest holes.
The conventional rides were ideal for the kids nevertheless once discussing a multi-year-old person riding it with full speed there was solely no likelihood that the customary push may cope with it. during this manner the requirement of the skilled bikes was far-famed.


Check Price On Amazon

One of the champion highlights of the Phoenix Sequel master bike is the twenty-seven high handlebars. This suggests riders from five as so much as doable up to six linear unit 5 inches will ride this bike serenely. It’s been structured considering seasoned riders and can create a perfect bike for specialists attempting to find a top-quality end arrangement. it’s factory-made significantly for traps and nonetheless being a genuinely Brobdingnagian bike still simply gauges nine lbs. each one of the segments accustomed assembles the Phoenix Sequel is of the foremost elevated quality, from the deck that has sq. dropouts to the 120mm, five talked wheels. the entire bike is formed well, performs phenomenally and can endure a pair of thumps and falls.

Why we like it:

• Fantastic build quality mistreatment some terribly superior elements.
• Super straightforward assembly.
• the sole professional scooter that has the 5mm double clamp.
• nice for taller riders.
• good for riders five.0ft-6.5ft+ tall.

7. Fuzion X-5 professional Scooters

The Fuzion cluster has wholly overhauled every and each phase of the professional X-5. it’s lightweight, fast and extreme. It’s meant to speedily take immature riders to their next level. that’s fast and rough, highlight Fuzion’s five talked 6061 Al centers wheels with high pick up forged plutonium and our new custom Nylon/Steel brake: intense and calm. The PRO X-5 is dialed and ready to ride acceptable out of the instrumentality. With simply 3 jolts to mend on the triple stacked 6061 solid Al braces, the professional X-5 sets aside no chance to assemble.

Fuzion-X-5-Pro-Scooters---Trick-Scooter---Beginner-Stunt-Scooters-for-Kids-8-YearsCheck Price On Amazon

The PRO X-5 includes high-pliable steel V-molded handlebars with Fuzion’s composite elastic grasps for greatest hold and solace. The Fuzion professional X-5 overhauls, combined with the recently structured Al boxed wrought deck, create it a definitive in its category, meant to upgrade the execution and riding background of the tyro to the middle of the road rider in either stop or road riding. Genius X-5 may be a nice bike for younger riders and novices.

Why we like it:

• 20″ by 4″ Al deck with outlined square edges for hand grab tricks.
• sturdy formed Handle Bars in Steel.
• Stacked Triple Clamp.
• Outstanding 4-Spoke Metal Core ABS plutonium Wheels.
• versatile Fender Brake.

8. Lucky Pro Scooters Crew Freestyle Complete Pro Scooter

The lucky professional scooters crew race complete scooter is reasonable nonetheless sturdy, the trendy CREW is that the professional scooter of selection for the rider that is simply getting started or that are engaged on nailing down the basic set of tricks.
Grips: lucky vice grips aren’t only super grippy however they are additionally super comfortable. we tend to took our no-nubbins and made them more durable and comfortable, and a tad bit longer. The vice grips are the best scooter grips in the industry, hands down!

Lucky-Pro-Scooters-Crew-Freestyle-Complete-Pro-ScooterCheck Price On Amazon

Lucky crew clamp: this light-weight and creatively designed professional scooter clamp start with the best 6000 series craft aluminum and is then CNC machined to final specs.
Lucky crew fork: The lucky crew fork Best Stunt Scooters is perfect to grow with any young rider’s size and talents.
Lucky Steely brake: this break uses 18 gauge spring steel, is that the perfect angle and comes with an anti-vibration pad that could be a must if you’re trying to find a dialed scooter.
Lucky crew wheels: these 110mm wheels feature lucky rebound technology, a combination of high-performance ester, a brand new pouring process, and a proprietary curing method which provides these wheels a grippy, fast, and buttery roll. Lucky kink bar: The new lucky kink bar options 4130 Chromoly and TIG welds make this bar extremely lightweight, robust and reliable.

Why we like it:

• Best Grip.
• Super strong fork.
• The wheels are a grippy, fast, and buttery roll.
• Kink bar is extremely light, strong and reliable.

9. Envy S5 Prodigy Scooter

The Envy Prodigy s5 is that the best-selling scooter for the past few years and the new model is bound to proceed with that pattern. If you would like some awing pro Best Stunt Scooters from Envy, you may get some great scooter in the completely different completely different} names with different features.


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Normally, following some years or cycles of any product providing, customers lose their enthusiasm for associate degree item and need one thing new.

Why we like it:

• It looks extremely cool and stylish.
• In the case of the Prodigy S5, the deck, and bars were intended to fit an extensive variety of riders.
• They made fantastic items that were worked to get hammered and keep going quite a while. Regardless of whether you’re riding road or an open field, Envy Products are will survive for a long time.

10. Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

The good aftermarket scooter in your sequent double backflip. The Covenant has been examined inside the park and inside the streets once that examined some extra and it handed with success. you’ll be able to be the great baby on the park among the occasion you are on a Covenant. You understand however typically you get thus hooked into one issue that you’ll be ready to even converse. That’s however we tend to truly very feel with reference to the Covenant.

Lucky-Covenant-Complete-Pro-Stunt-ScooterCheck Price On Amazon

What isn’t new on this scooter? We’ve place 110mm Toaster wheels on that (beforehand alone getable in 100mm), freshly designed SILO bars, and therefore the INDY fork that has the power to travel well with 120mm. The means that the fork sits flush with the headtube offers off the planning of 1 issue truly specific. which modern Chrome, WOW. If you’re searching for top-of-the-line park orientating best stunt scooters to fill your wants as a rider, the Covenant is wanting for your confirm. From the strengthened elements to the extraordinarily-delicate weight of your complete, that’s the great scooter for a vital and earliest park concepts.

Why we like it:

• Wheels are so grippy.
• The headset is fully integrated.
• Triple Clamp.

Which scooter you have to buy?

A product isn’t essentially the most effective just because it’s popular? there are plenty of various factors that account for that. it’s still a powerful indication you ‘re watching an awfully smart product.
All individuals, don’t typically pay their cash on a nasty product. there are plenty of professional scooters of various brands obtainable within the market nowadays and to pick the simplest one out of those is basically necessary. Things to contemplate to shop for best stunt scooters, not all scooters are the identical size as a result of not all individuals are the identical size. confirm the scooter is massive enough to support your weight.

If you ‘re shopping for a young adult you won’t desire a scooter that s large. stunt scooters aren’t that high ticket. if you re upset your kid can outgrow a smaller scooter hold off on shopping for a rich one until they’re older. Metal matters, most scooters are going to be created out of all because it is each sturdy and lightweight. costlier scooters can be created with steel. not all al and steel are created with the identical grade, however. a better grade of metal means that a lot of sturdiness. One of the foremost necessary things in a very stunt scooter is that they don t weigh an excessive amount of. A significant scooter can build it more durable to perform stunts and tricks completely defeating the aim of shopping for a stunt scooter within the initial place.

Some wheels perform higher than others. attempt to get a scooter that has well-designed wheels. having smart tires also will facilitate as you re visiting place plenty of strain on them along with your stunts.
More expensive doesn’t t essentially mean higher. Typically you ‘ll find yourself paying for a complete. The worth of a scooter is an honest gauge by that to see its quality however don t let that be your solely crucial issue. You must pay outside of your budget.

Final thoughts on best stunt scooters

Only will you’ll be able to build selections that are best for your youngsters, however, confine mind that creating an honest bank in high-quality areas and devices can facilitate keep your child secure and provides him the simplest doable advantages in his game.

Whatever you are doing don t keep your child on a junkier the best stunt scooters organized along by duct record and document segments. You’re solely visiting jeopardize his body his vanity and keep him throughout the sport that he likes. Your child may be a smart bank within the approaching. assist your child in the simplest manner you’ll and place him on the stunt scooter you’ll accept for his ability and a focus.

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  1. Phoenix Sequel Pro Scooter..Bought this as a gift for my son. He loves it! He’s had a few decent scooters, but this one feels nice and smooth, but sturdy in every way. By far the best he’s ever had. His friends were also impressed, which is always a plus. Pretty sharp looking, too. I like cruising on it too. The wheels do not spin for a long time when you just spin them off the ground, but when on the scooter, it will glide a long way. It’s a different type of bearing that is meant to bear a load. Anyway, it’s a very nice scooter.

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